Anzio Map

Anzio map, view this interactive Anzio map, showing the city located south of Rome in Italy and its neighbouring towns and villages.

Detailed Street Map of Anzio Italy

Anzio Map: Shown above is an excellent Anzio map, outlining the coastal city located south of Rome in Italy. Using the controls on the top left of the map you can zoom in to view detailed street map of Anzio or move around to view different areas. Also shown on this Anzio map are Nettuno, Lido di Marechiaro, and Lido delle Sirene. By zooming out ('-') you can view the nearby towns and villages of Colle Romito, Campo di Carne, Panatelle, Padiglioni and Cossira.

A coastal city with a population of over 50,000, Anzio is a fishing and ferry port of some significance. Located some 57 kilometres south of Rome, in ancient times it was called Antium in and was the capital city of the Volsci people. During WW2 Anzio was the site of Allied landings by mostly American forces as part of Operation Shingle.

Anzio can be reached via the SS601, the SS207 or the SP92a.

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