Rimini Map

View this interactive Rimini map, showing the city in the Emilia-Romana region of Italy, see Rimini and its neighbouring towns and villages.

Detailed Street Map of Rimini

Shown above is an excellent Rimini map, outlining the city in the Emilia-Romana region of Italy. Using the controls on the top left of the map you can zoom in to view detailed street map of Rimini or move around to view different areas. Also shown on this Rimini map are Viserbella, Viserba, Spadarolo, Bellariva, Miramare and the cities airport Federico Fellini International Airport (which also serves nearby San Marino).

An ancient city on the Adriatic Sea, Rimini has a population of around 140,000 and a history going back to the years of the Roman Empire, when it was founded as Ariminum at the mouth of the Ariminus river in 268 BC. Rimini has a wealth of historic monuments including the 13th century cathedral, the Arch of Augustus and the 2nd century Ampitheatre.

Rimini can be reached by way of the A14 (E55), the SS16 or the SS72.

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