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Stanway Tree Surgeon Essex: Trees are a vital feature of many gardens and properties in Stanway, and they can often transform an otherwise 2 dimensional area by adding substance, structure and style. However, when trees are neglected or have been affected by extreme weather events like flooding or high winds, issues can develop. Prior to any work beginning, the best option is to consult with an established tree surgeon in Stanway, when your trees need looking at.

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Those who use an unqualified operative, or try to do tree work by themselves, may cause a risk of damage to the trees, to property or to life. However, tree work is certainly not a safe undertaking, even for experienced tree surgeons, who know about all the dangers. Tree surgery is definitely not a task for novices, and on average there are 140 severe injuries and 3 deaths annually within the profession, making it one of the most dangerous jobs in Britain.

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With falling branches or trees causing around 5 deaths annually in the United Kingdom, a danger to life can even be posed by a damaged or poorly maintained tree. You could be liable to third-party compensation claims as a consequence of your actions, if you bring in somebody to carry out tree work and subsequently an injury, or damage to property occurs. This is why retaining the services of a professional Stanway tree surgeon to carry out the work on your trees is imperative. (The source of the above figures was HSE).

There are 2 principal trade bodies, one or both of which a seasoned tree surgeon in Stanway should be a registered member of. The membership and professional status of any tree surgeon in Stanway can be checked out on the websites of both the AA (Arboricultural Association) and the ISA (International Society of Arboriculture). To discover whether any particular local tree surgeon has ARB Approved Contractor status and has membership of either of these associations, you can check this website.

You are able to communicate with these trade bodies for mediation and for help and guidance at any point, if there's a problem during or after any tree work has been carried out.

Professional Tree Surgeons Stanway Essex

If any tree surgeon who you can't find on this directory offers to provide you with a price quote, you should graciously decline their offer of work and carry on your search for an approved contractor. It is a good idea to get at least three different price quotes from various companies in Stanway, as soon as you have diligently checked their qualifications and professional memberships. There are various crucial questions that you need to ask while you're in the process of getting these quotes, and due to the risks involved in tree work, you should make it crystal clear that you need them to provide the answers. You should for instance ask:

  • Would it be possible for me to contact a person you've recently done work for, so that I can inspect your tree work? Doing an independent examination of any recent work is always a good idea.
  • Have you got documentary verification of your professional membership, qualifications and a NPTC/LANTRA certificate for the use of a chainsaw? Any operative/tree surgeon using a chainsaw, must by law hold NPTC/LANTRA certification. City and Guilds Certificates and National Diplomas in Arboriculture are qualifications that could be held by a decent tree surgeon in Stanway.
  • What insurance cover do you provide? Your tree surgeon should be able to produce an insurance certificate covering at the least £5 Million public liability, as stipulated by the ISA and AA.
  • Do you supply quotations in writing? Verbal quotes alone aren't sufficient. Always try to get a quote in writing.

Clear and accurate details about all the work that is to be undertaken must be included on the written quotation. It should include specifics of any trees which might be protected, and the steps needed to obtain permission to work on them, and also state who is responsible for the removal of tree branches, stumps and debris. You should also ensure VAT is included on the quotation unless you're a commercial entity. You've got a responsibility to hire only competent tradespeople to work on your trees and property, and it is important to understand that. This is stated by the "Common law duty of care responsibilities under the Occupier's Liability Acts of 1957 and 1984."

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PRIOR TO WORK - Your preferred Stanway tree surgeon should make enquiries into the possibility of any trees being protected in your area and make the appropriate steps to make sure that any tree work can be given the green light from the local authorities. Finding a tree has protected status doesn't mean that work can't be carried out, since even protected trees need maintenance in order to cut back old or damaged wood and ensure public safety.

A minimum of 6 weeks written notice must be given to the Local Planning Authority prior to any work being performed, if your property in Stanway is in a conservation area. However, tree trunks of under 75 millimetres in diameter when measured at 1.5m from the ground are free from this requirement. Also, it's not necessary to give notice if a protected tree's branches need pruning or thinning simply to encourage and sustain growth.

Tree Surgery Stanway (CO3)

After performing a complete assessment of your trees health, your chosen Stanway tree surgeon will determine the remedial treatment required and how best and safely to achieve the required outcome. Where there is any possibility of falling branches, a risk assessment will need to be performed on your property, public areas, and sections of neighbouring properties that might be impacted. The level of protection needed and the amount of operatives required, will also be established at this stage. This is both personal protection equipment together with other safety measures to keep property and the general public safe from harm or damage.

ON THE DAY OF WORK - Safety measures and barriers will be put in place before any tree felling, cutting of branches or climbing commences, to keep unauthorised persons away from the work area. If there is any risk of falling debris onto a public highway, passing traffic may have to be temporarily stopped.

The tree surgeon will need different degrees of protection according to the kind of tree work being carried out. When working with a chainsaw, they will as a bare minimum be wearing specialist protective clothing to avoid injuring the torso, hands and legs. Without exception, every operative involved in the work should wear head and eye protection, and high-vis clothing.

If working at height is involved, ladders and safety climbing equipment will need to be deployed, and extra personnel will be there to help with the safe removal of high branches and sections of tree trunk. For transporting waste away from the area, a skip or truck will be parked as close to the work area as possible. This need for unhindered access is as good a reason as any for informing your neighbours of the work you are planning to do.

UPON COMPLETION OF WORK - The site can be cleared of all debris, and all of the waste can be taken away, once all of the work has been finished. Particularly where the trees are under a protection order, a certificate of work should then be prepared by your tree surgeon, which will be signed off and a copy given to you. Footpaths and highways can then be re-opened to the public, and any safety measures places in public spaces taken away.

Issues or problems should be fixed straight away by approaching the tree surgeon directly. If there's any further dispute, and your tree surgeon is a signed up member of a professional body, you can get guidance and help from the AA or the ISA in order to come to an acceptable solution.

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Locally based Stanway tree surgeons will likely have the dialling code 01206 and the postcode CO3. They'll operate in Stanway itself, together with nearby areas like Heckfordbridge, Colchester, Fordham Heath, Seven Star Green, Long Green, Aldham, Gallows Green, Lexden, Copford Green, Eight Ash Green, Easthorpe, Copford, Marks Tey, Fordstreet, and these postcodes: CO3 5PN, CO3 0JZ, CO3 0LF, CO3 5FZ, CO3 5YB, CO3 5WG, CO3 5RN, CO3 0PW, CO3 0HG, CO3 5NW.

For this sort of assistance it's unquestionably wise to employ an accredited local tree surgeon. Stanway residents can greatly benefit from the expertise and knowhow offered by a fully trained professional.

Eco-Plugging Stump Removal Stanway

The conventional strategy employed for removing tree stumps by most Stanway tree surgeons is stump grinding. However, these days there's a less costly alternative to this approach in the shape of "eco-plugging". Not only is this method cheaper, but it can also be employed where stump grinding accessibility issues exist, for example in hard-to-reach and awkward places.

An incredibly effective treatment for killing off tree stumps, eco-plugging doesn't affect any nearby vegetation and trees. Eco-plugs destroy the whole root system of a stump and can be employed throughout the year and in any weather. Eco-plugs contain a type of granular glyphosate herbicide which is suitable for a variety of trees, and is 95-100 percent effective. (Tags: Eco-Plug Treatments Stanway, Eco-Plugging Stanway, Eco-Plugs Stanway, Eco-Plugging Tree Stump Removal Stanway).

Pollarding Trees Stanway

Tree Pollarding Stanway Essex

Pollarding is most importantly conducted for reasons of safety, and is a process that is used for radically minimising a tree's overall size when it has got too big for its location. It can at times be used for visual or functional motives to mould a tree into a specific shape. Trees which grow beside streets in Stanway are frequently pollarded, as are those used for boundaries and in hedgerows. The rather harsh and bare appearance that results from pollarding isn't very popular with those who appreciate trees, given that it's so dissimilar to its natural state. Tree species such as oaks, beeches, maples, planes, horse chestnuts, sycamores and limes are regular candidates for the pollarding process, and on the positive side trees which might normally have to be cut down can be conserved for future generations.

Wood Chipping Stanway

Wood Chipping Stanway

The majority of Stanway tree surgeons will utilise wood chipping devices to chop up the smaller tree limbs and branches that result from their work. Depending on which equipment is being used, these impressive wood chipping systems can gobble up as much as forty tons of material per hour, although around five tons each hour can be processed by the smaller, more frequently used devices.

Chopping down the branches in this way makes them easier to transport and also generates a valuable by-product that can be used for a number of purposes for example, weed prevention, cultivating mushrooms, mulch for gardens, wood pulp, landscaping, ecosystem restoration, biomass fuel and garden walkways.

If you have a use for the wood chips that are generated during your tree surgery work, most tree surgeons in Stanway will be willing to let you have however much you want, and they will cart away the remainder to use on other projects, or dispose of as they see fit. Even when you do not require any tree surgery to be done on your property in Stanway, tree surgeons are a good source for wood chips that you can use for various purposes throughout your garden. Certain tree surgeons will supply you with wood chippings for free, others may charge a fee, especially if you need to have them delivered.

Well known makes of wood chipping machines include Forest Master, Timberwolf, Hyundai and Crytec. (Tags: Wood Chipping Services Stanway, Wood Chippers Stanway, Wood Chips Stanway, Wood Chipping Stanway).

Emergency Tree Services Stanway

While emergencies are uncommon concerning trees in your garden, accidents can happen, so it might be wise to have an emergency phone number where you can reach a tree surgeon in Stanway. When the conditions in Stanway are windy and stormy, tree surgeons typically expect to see an increase in emergency calls, and fortunately a lot of them offer a 24/7 service for your peace of mind. Tree branches are more likely to break off and fall when the weather is blustery, and a higher likelihood of a whole tree crashing down and harming property or people. When tree limbs and branches start to fall busted garden furniture, damaged fences, splintered sheds and smashed greenhouses are a common result, therefore prevention is better than having to handle the aftermath.

Emergency tree surgery services will also often be essential to the local authorities in the Stanway area, as sizeable branches sometimes snap off and drop onto public footpaths, railway tracks and roads, calling for rapid attention.

When a tree has lost some of it's larger limbs it could become lopsided, with more branches and weight on one side. This can often be both dangerous and unsightly, so the tree might have to undergo "rebalancing". For all these problems, you should contact a local tree surgeon in Stanway who provides emergency tree care services, and they will handle all of this for you. (Tags: Tree Care Emergencies Stanway, Emergency Tree Surgery Stanway, Emergency Call-Outs Stanway, Emergency Tree Services Stanway).

The ISA - International Society of Arboriculture

A non-profit organisation that is headquartered in the United States, the International Society of Arboriculture is often referred to as the ISA. Advancing the professional practice of arboriculture, the ISA is a membership association that serves the tree care industry across the globe.

Endorsing best tree care practices by way of educational events, publications and services, the ISA has a firm focus on allowing those involved in the tree care industry fully develop their knowledge, arboricultural expertise and skills wherever possible.

A partnership agreement signed in mid-2016 between the International Society of Arboriculture and the Arboricultural Association, saw the AA become an associate organisation of the ISA. This substantially strengthened the relationship between the 2 and offered further opportunities for ISA members in the United Kingdom and Ireland. UK members of the AA are now able to reap the benefits of being part of a worldwide tree care network. Boasting over 22000 members globally the International Society of Arboriculture now has professional affiliates and associate organisations in EXTRApollarding, tree bracing, tree watering, safety inspections, tree pruning, hazard assessments Stanway, tree care services Stanway, drop crotching in Stanway, airspading in Stanway, stump grinding, woodchipping Stanway, tree lopping, tree maintenance, cut sealing, damaged tree removal Stanway, dead wooding Stanway, tree management, tree cabling Stanway, arboriculture, health assessments Stanway, tree dismantling, stump treatment in Stanway, tree reshaping, crown thinning, landscaping, hedge cutting, crown removal in Stanway, commercial tree surgery, tree transplanting Stanway, fruit tree pruning StanwayTEN, and the United Kingdom.

Invasive Tree Roots Stanway

Problem Tree Roots Stanway Essex

When they're growing too near to your house in Stanway, some larger trees have particularly aggressive root systems, and can cause issues. Blocked drains, lifting patios and damaged foundations, are some of the most commonplace problems that you might come across. Extremely intrusive root systems are found in tree species like elms, maples, willows and sycamores.

Issues can be avoided down the line, if you make sure you plant new trees as far as possible away from patio areas, your drainage system, your home and paths. If you're already experiencing problems with established trees that are growing too close to your home, you can get advice and guidance by speaking to your friendly local Stanway tree care specialist.

If you want to avoid the possibility of killing off the tree or significantly harming it's health you really should not try to do this yourself and just chop off any invasive roots. So that any damage to property is reduced, and the tree can still get sufficient nutrients and water to survive and thrive, a skilled arborist in Stanway will know precisely which roots should be left, and which roots can be safely cut back.

Since sewer lines provide a steady source of nutrients and moisture, shrub and tree roots quite often cause structural problems in underground drainage systems. The joints of a drainage system can very soon be invaded by minute roots, which once established can develop into substantial root balls and eventually cause joint failure and blockages. To remove the offending roots, high quality root removal solutions will be provided by some Stanway tree surgeons, who will use manual rod clearance, high pressure jetting or electro-mechanical equipment. You should also be able to obtain root removal services in Heckfordbridge, Colchester, Fordham Heath, Seven Star Green, Long Green, Aldham, Gallows Green, Lexden, Copford Green, Eight Ash Green, Easthorpe, Copford, Marks Tey, Fordstreet, and in Stanway, Essex. (Tags: Invasive Tree Roots Stanway, Tree Root Problems Stanway, Problematic Tree Roots Stanway, Drain Root Removal Stanway).

Tree Removal Stanway

Tree Removal Stanway

Despite the fact that there could be a few reasons why you might need to get a tree removed from your garden or property in Stanway, the removal of a tree should be a last resort. Numerous trees could even be protected by law, so you can't fell them even though you want to, unless they're a threat to safety. Legitimate reasons behind removing a tree could be if the tree is infected/diseased, the tree has grown too large, the tree has been uprooted by the wind, you have a dying/dead tree, the tree is in the way of new construction project, the roots of a tree are obstructing foundations/retaining walls or your tree presents a hazard to safety. (Tags: Tree Felling Stanway, Tree Removal Stanway, Removing Trees Stanway)

Skills and Knowledge Necessary for Tree Surgeons in Stanway

  • Have the ability to maintain, repair and use tools and equipment.
  • Be aware of the complexities and dangers involved in all aspects of the work.
  • Be professional and able to complete work within the set time frame.
  • Customer service skills.
  • Physical skills like movement and coordination.
  • To be meticulous and pay close attention to detail.
  • Good knowledge of public safety measures.
  • Be patient and have the ability to stay calm in stressful situations.
  • The capacity to work alongside others.
  • Have necessary computer skills and know how to complete basic tasks on handheld devices.
  • Have the ability to work well with your hands.

Tree Surgery Tasks Stanway

Tree Surgery Tasks Stanway UK

Stanway tree surgeons can normally help with pollarding, tree bracing, tree watering, safety inspections, tree pruning, hazard assessments Stanway, tree care services Stanway, drop crotching in Stanway, airspading in Stanway, stump grinding, woodchipping Stanway, tree lopping, tree maintenance, cut sealing, damaged tree removal Stanway, dead wooding Stanway, tree management, tree cabling Stanway, arboriculture, health assessments Stanway, tree dismantling, stump treatment in Stanway, tree reshaping, crown thinning, landscaping, hedge cutting, crown removal in Stanway, commercial tree surgery, tree transplanting Stanway, fruit tree pruning Stanway and other tree surgeon services in Stanway, Essex. These are just a selection of the activities that are handled by a tree surgeon. Stanway professionals will be delighted to keep you abreast of their full range of services.

Latest Tree Surgery Projects

Stanway Tree Surgery Projects

Kyron Sadiq was on the lookout for a local tree surgeon in the Sheering area to do stump grinding. Joseph Flynn enquired about the possibility of removing a tree from the garden of his property in Chigwell. Mateusz Friend was looking to get a quote from a tree surgeon in Ongar who can carry out the pollarding of some trees along a path in the garden of his home. Ms Blessing Gates was looking to get an insurance quote from a tree surgeon in Copford who can remove and recycle a thirty ft monkey puzzle tree in the garden of her farmhouse. Aurora Brady was looking for a tree surgeon in the Wivenhoe area to do tree removal. Sebastian and Kathleen Moore were hoping to get a price quote from a tree surgeon in Tye Green who can do some shrub trimming and hedge cutting in the garden of their terraced house. Edith Bentley wanted a price quote for removing a tree from her garden in Jaywick. In Roxwell, Jimmy and Zaynah Keane are on the lookout for an expert who can trim an acacia tree that has overgrown a neighbours garden.

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Around Essex you will also find: Ramsden Crays tree surgeons, Danbury tree surgeons, Parkeston tree surgeon, Thorpe le Soken tree care, tree surgeons, Rettendon tree surgeon, Waltham Abbey tree care, Halstead tree removal, Elsenham tree management, tree surgeon, Great Bromley tree surgeons, Tolleshunt Darcy tree surgeon, Great Notley tree surgeons, Chigwell tree surgeons, tree surgery, Barling Magna tree removal, Kirkby le Soken tree surgeons, Chipping Ongar tree care services, Layer de la Haye tree removal, tree care, Mistley tree surgeons, Hornchurch tree surgeon, High Garrett tree surgeons, tree removal, South Woodham Ferrers tree removal, Great Notley tree management, Halstead tree management, tree surgeons, Waltham Abbey tree surgeons, Tolleshunt Knights tree surgery, Broomfield tree management. Throughout the Essex region you will be able to find tree surgeons who'll offer you quality services for your tree care requirements. If you can't identify a satisfactory tree surgeon in Stanway itself you shouldn't have any difficulty finding a decent one near at hand.

Tree Surgeons Near Stanway: Also find: Copford Green tree surgery, Marks Tey tree surgery, Copford tree surgery, Eight Ash Green tree surgery, Lexden tree surgery, Fordstreet tree surgery, Seven Star Green tree surgery, Easthorpe tree surgery, Heckfordbridge tree surgery, Aldham tree surgery, Colchester tree surgery, Fordham Heath tree surgery, Long Green tree surgery, Gallows Green tree surgery and more. Most of these areas are covered by a certified tree surgeon. Stanway householders and others can get price quotes by clicking here.

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Over the last few months, people in these Stanway streets have sent in enquiries about tree surgery: Radveld Chase, Peace Road, Hedgerows, Meadow Grass Close, Rogation Close, Albertine Close, Essex Yeomanry Way, Harvest End, Cornflower Close, Tydeman Close, Rye Close, Cowslip Court, Brougham Glades, Gryme's Dyke Way, Moss Road, Miles Close, Layer Road, Dawnford Close, Turkey Cock Lane, Gorse Way, Wren Close, Foxendale Folly, Millers Close, Churchfields Avenue, Lucy Close, Osprey Close, Columbine Mews, Winstree Road, and also in these nearby postcodes CO3 5PN, CO3 0JZ, CO3 0LF, CO3 5FZ, CO3 5YB, CO3 5WG, CO3 5RN, CO3 0PW, CO3 0HG, CO3 5NW. These areas recently saw activity by a skilled tree surgeon. Stanway home and property owners enjoyed trusted and dependable tree surgery services on each occasion.

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