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Spanish Lessons: Over the years I have met lots of students who have invested years in mastering a language but who cannot really speak it. Sure, their test scores are generally off the charts, and they have an understanding of grammar points that even lots of native speakers don't fully grasp. Their lack of speaking skills can be attributed, not surprisingly, to the simple fact that they never actually speak out using their target language. Nearly all come up with the excuse that they are lacking opportunities to converse with native speakers. If you want to learn a foreign language such as Spanish, you do not want to become a person who creates excuses.

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The primary and the most evident reason that people in the UK would choose to learn Spanish is when they are moving to a Spanish country and they need to orient themselves ahead of time. The second reason would be for them to be able to communicate well and easily to friends who speak Spanish.

Spanish Lessons

Spanish lessons in the UK can have many degrees of an effect on our learning, depending on how it's all taken in. In a classroom setting for example, you have textbooks and classmates and a teacher. As this form of education must be directed towards a group, and because sessions can only be attended to during tiny portions of a given day at a time, reaching a native speaking level of fluency can take two or three years or more. What's more is that unless you are a crack-down, gung-ho student, grabbing every opportunity to use your studies in everyday life, your learning stops as soon as you leave the class, until the next scheduled session of your Spanish lessons comes up.

When it comes to learning Spanish (or any language for that matter), nothing beats one-on-one instruction from a good teacher. In fact, I've found private instruction to be much more effective than small (6-8 student) classroom instruction for a number of reasons.

The first reason why one-on-one instruction beats classroom instruction is that in a classroom, a class usually progresses at the speed of the slowest student. Sometimes the class might progress a little faster, but then the slowest students get left behind. In either case, each individual person won't be learning at their optimum pace.

Spanish Classes

With private instruction, you learn as fast or as slow as you need to. If there are certain topics you find hard to learn, you can repeat them or slow down as necessary. It's much more tailored to your learning style than a classroom.

Private Spanish lessons in the UK also beat classroom instruction because students in private lessons can't avoid doing work and speaking like you might in a classroom. In a classroom, the shy or nervous students might be able to avoid doing their share of speaking. In a private Spanish lesson in the UK, you'll be the only student, so there's no one else to hide behind.

There is also a major scheduling benefit to private lessons over classroom learning. With standard Spanish classes, the class meets on a fixed schedule. If you miss one of the classes, you can't simply reschedule. When you return to the class, you'll be behind by one session. In private instruction, you won't have missed a class because none will occur without you.

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Finally, another major benefit of private Spanish lessons in the UK is that the class content is customisable to fit your exact needs. This is key especially as you progress beyond beginner status. As an "intermediate" language learner, your version of "intermediate" might vary rather greatly from another person's level. The fixed curriculum of typical classes just can't account for that, but private instruction does.

But what about the cost of private instruction versus classroom instruction? It's true that private instruction will cost more than classroom instruction, but you will probably get more than enough additional value from the private Spanish lessons to make it worth the extra cost. That's my experience, anyways.

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If you haven't tried private instruction for learning Spanish or any other language before, give it a shot. You will definitely learn faster, and you can decide after a few lessons whether it's worth the cost.

Children's Spanish Lessons UK

Most kids in the UK study Spanish language because their parents enjoy hearing them being knowledgeable in other languages. Courses that we can see online also offer easy Spanish lessons for kids. Here are three fun ways on how to teach your kids.

The first way is to drive motivation to your kids with the use of creative imagination. Try to let them understand the importance of learning the language at an early age. One good example is by telling them that they need to know the language in preparation for a vacation. The picture of a vacation prompted on their minds will make them move and learn faster. Detach the academic approach in their school to the Spanish course that they will take. Do not put so much pressure on their shoulders, let them enjoy while learning.

Second is to provide your kids with a good and relaxed learning environment. Prepare one room or one corner in your house that will free your kids from any distractions. If you can provide a room in your house, then it would be best to have cool wall paint colours and a variety of Spanish language materials arranged according to your kids' needs. It is still advisable to have your home as a starting place for new learning. Your home in the UK is still the safest place for your kids.

Third way is to place confidence on your kids as they learn the language. Do not pressure them to excel or to learn the language. Let them discover the language on their own. Let them enjoy their childhood and allow them to excel without pressure. Provide interesting materials like colourful visual aids, audio or video files. Audio materials can help them master the correct pronunciation of words.

As well as face-to-face Spanish lessons in the UK, there are a lot of online courses that offer easy Spanish lessons for kids. All you need to do is to search for a course that would fit to your kids' availability, ability, needs and wants. Set an objective in learning the language and help your kids work within that objective.

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Spanish Exam Preparation

Those getting ready for a Spanish exam can find taking Spanish lessons highly advantageous. Personalized instruction from a qualified Spanish instructor can help you boost your language skills and exam performance.

By means of Spanish lessons, you can obtain guidance on specific areas of study that need improvement, including vocabulary, speaking fluency and grammar. Test-taking techniques and practice exams can be provided by your teacher to improve your performance and confidence during the actual exam.

Increased convenience and flexibility are provided by online Spanish lessons in addition to traditional classroom settings. Online language lessons allow for maximum flexibility in scheduling, as they can be accessed at any time and from any location.

To achieve your language learning targets and excel on your Spanish exam, taking Spanish lessons can offer expert guidance and support.

Traditional Classroom Based Learning

Many people in the UK think that this is the only way to really learn a language. As you will soon see, this could not be further from the truth. The reason that most people think that a class is effective is because they think back to their experiences at school. In every lesson you had a teacher, textbooks and tests that you had to memorize for.

The problem with a classroom is that the teacher can never match the learning speed of every student. So many times, I have observed teachers asking the class and one smart person answers and then they move swiftly on. Everyone else who didn't understand gets left behind.

And what about memorisation and textbooks? Do you think that a child learns to speak a language using memorization techniques and books? Of course they don't! It's clear that learning a language like Spanish very quickly demands a different approach.

You Tube

Take a look at YouTube because you can find a lot of cool ways to learn Spanish. One of the best ways is to look for Spanish music. Simply type in "musica espanol" and you'll find a lot. Then do a separate search for lyrics. Yes, there are some Spanish video lessons on YouTube but most of them are simply worthless. You are not going to be able to make a serious go of learning Spanish by watching these kinds of video lessons. But songs, podcasts and video logs can help you in addition to other learning methods.

UK Spanish Lessons Activities

UK Spanish Lessons Activities

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