Appledore Map

Interactive Appledore map, view the location of the Devon town of Appledore, situated to the north of Bideford.

Detailed Street Map of Appledore Devon & Guide to the Town

Appledore Map: Here is an Appledore map, displaying the town situated in North Devon in south-west England, United Kingdom. Use navigation for a detailed street map of Appledore or pan to view other areas, zoom to get an Appledore town centre map.

Also on this Appledore map are West Yelland, Instow, Northam, Westleigh, and Eastleigh, by zooming out you can also see Westward Ho and Bideford.

Well known for its shipbuilding Appledore is situated at the mouth of the River Torridge in North Devon. Originally a Saxon settlement, Appledore's name is thought to be derived from the Celtic language.

Catch the ferry from Appledore across the River Torridge to the sandy beaches of Instow (closed since 2007, but possibly re-opening).

Appledore can be accessed via the A39.

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