Brighton Map and Guide

Brighton Map, view this interactive map of Brighton, a city and coastal resort in East Sussex, England.

Detailed Street Map of Brighton East Sussex UK

Brighton Map: Above you can view a useful google map of Brighton, a seaside resort and city located in south-eastern England in the county of East Sussex (though it is now a unitary authority). Use the zoom (+) feature to get a detailed street map of Brighton city centre and find your desired destination in Brighton.

Brighton East Sussex: Together with Hove, Brighton now forms the unitary authority of Brighton and Hove, it has city status (since 1997) and is not administered by East Sussex, though remains part of the ceremonial county.

Brighton can be reached via the A23, the A259, the A27 and the A270, it also has rail links with Gatwick Airport, London Victoria (quickest servive takes 51 minutes), London Bridge and Bedford. Brighton is a driving distance of 26 miles from Gatwick Airport, 10 miles from Lewes, 27 miles from Eastbourne, 37 miles from Hastings, and 53 miles from London.

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