Kelso Map

Kelso map, view the Scottish town of Kelso, located south-east of Edinburgh and Livingston.

Detailed Street Map of Kelso Scotland & Guide to the Town

Kelso Map Scotland: Interactive map of Kelso, displaying the town situated in the Roxburgh region of Scotland, United Kingdom.

Use control buttons to display a detailed street map of Kelso or get a Kelso town centre map.

Also on this Kelso map are Hydersyde Park, Maxwellheugh and the Kelso Golf Club.

Kelso is a small market town located in the Scottish Borders, it has a population of around 6,000 and stands at the confluence of the River Tweed and River Teviot. It is well known for its National Hunt horse racing track, other attractions are Kelso Abbey and Floors Castle.

In Kelso visit Roxburgh Castle, the Horseshoe Gallery in Horse Market, Kelso Abbey and the Kelso Racecourse.

Kelso can be accessed via the A698 and A699, it is 23 miles from Berwick-on-Tweed, 44 miles from Edinburgh and 368 miles from London.

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