Mullion Map

Mullion map, view the Cornwall fishing village of Mullion to the south of Helston.

Detailed Street Map of Mullion Cornwall

Mullion Map Cornwall: Interactive map of Mullion, showing the village situated south of Helston on the Lizard in Cornwall in south-western England, United Kingdom.

Use controls to view a detailed street map of Mullion or get a Mullion town centre map. Also visible on this Mullion map are Gunwalloe, Cury, Crosslanes, Polurrian Cliffs and Mullion Cove, also shown is the Mullion Golf Club.

A small village and fishing harbour located on the Lizard in Cornwall, Mullion has a population of around 2,000. Mullion is situated in an area of great natural beauty, with steep cliffs rising to a height of 85 metres at Predannack Downs. The name of the village is derived from Saint Melaine.

The parish church mostly dates from the 15th century and was built on earlier 13th century foundations.

While in Mullion visit the Lizard National Nature Reserve, Polurrian Cove, and the Kennack Nature Reserve.

Mullion can be accessed via the B3296 from the A3083, it is 7.5 miles from Helston and 23 miles from Truro.

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