Sleaford Map

Sleaford map, showing the Lincolnshire town of Sleaford, to the north-east of Grantham.

Detailed Street Map of Sleaford Lincolnshire & Town Guide

Sleaford Map Lincolnshire: Interactive Google street map of Sleaford, located north-east of Grantham in Lincolnshire, a market town with a population of around 14,500.

Also on this Sleaford map are the major roads of the town, East Gate, East Road, Grantham Road, Lincoln Road, North Gate and South Gate, also visible is Holdingham and Eastgate Green, you can also use it to get a Sleaford town centre map.

A market town lying on the River Slea in Lincolnshire, eastern England, Sleaford has a population of 14,500 and was probably settled as long ago as the Iron Age. Situated in the North Kesteven district of the county, Sleaford was first documented in 852 AD, when it was called Slioford, the Domesday Book recorded it as Eslaforde.

One of the oldest stone spires in England, looks down on the town from atop the 12th century, cathedral like church of St Denys, boasting elegant traceried windows, beautiful stained glass, a framed needlework altar carpet and a superb 15th century oak rood-screen (choir screen). The 12th century Sleaford Castle is now no more than a grassy hummock.

Sleaford has always been an agricultural town and is especially renowned for the production of seeds.

Sleaford Attractions: Interesting attractions in and around Sleaford include the St Denys church (12th century), Coggleshall Mill, a watermill on the River Slea, the Hub Centre, and Money’s Mill an 18t century corn mill, now housing the tourist information centre.

Sleaford can be reached via the A17, the A15 or the A153, it is about 14 miles from Grantham, 19 miles from Lincoln, 40 miles from Skegness and 126 miles from London.

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