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Wiltshire weather, today's weather in Wiltshire and 10 day forecast.

Latest Weather in Wiltshire United Kingdom

Wiltshire Weather Forecast: Latest weather in Wiltshire, a county in southern England, United Kingdom. Also a 10 day weather forecast for Wiltshire & its many towns and villages.

The featured Wiltshire weather today is for the city of Salisbury in the south of the county, and the town of Swindon in the north of the county, giving an idea of what weather to expect throughout Wiltshire, today and for the next 5, 7 and 10 days.

We shall be adding more Wiltshire weather modules shortly, featuring other towns in the county, so call back soon for all your weather information.

Wiltshire Places:

Warminster Wiltshire: With remains of Iron Age hillforts and ancient earthworks in the immediate areas around Warminster, the town no doubt has a very long history, though the present settlement probably originated in Anglo-Saxon times and was already thriving by the time the Normans arrived in Britain. Warminster in the county of Wiltshire later became important for its corn market, a place where trade in this significant commodity took place. Today Warminster is a mostly residential town with many of its inhabitants working outside the town.

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