Seaton Map

Seaton map, view the Devon seaside town of Seaton, located south-east of Honiton and east of Sidmouth.

Detailed Street Map of Seaton Devon & Guide to the Town

Seaton Map Devon: Interactive map of Seaton, displaying the the seaside town situated to the east of Sidmouth in Devon in south-west England.

Use controls to obtain a detailed street map of Seaton & a Seaton town centre map, showing Seaton Library, the Axe Valley Heritage Association, and the Crossroad Christian Centre.

Also on this Seaton map are Beer, Axmouth, Colyford and Colyton Hill, also shown is the Axe Cliff Golf Club.

A seaside town with a population of around 7,000, Seaton is located near to the mouth of the River Axe in East Devon. Settled in the Iron Age, thousands of years before the Romans arrived in Britain, Seaton developed as a holiday resort during the Victorian Era.

While in Seaton visit the village of Beer, Branscombe Manor Mill, Holyford Woods, and the Beer Quarry Caves.

Seaton can be accessed by road via the B3172 and B3174 (A3052), it is 10 miles from Sidmouth.

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