Andover Map

Interactive Andover map, showing the location of the Hampshire town of Andover and its and surroundings.

Detailed Street Map of Andover Hampshire

Andover Map: Here is a map of Andover, a town of 52,000 inhabitants, located in the county of Hampshire, England, United Kingdom. Zoom in for a detailed street map of Andover or of any of its neighbouring villages, you can also get an Andover town centre map.

Also on this Andover map are Abbotts Ann, Upper Clatford, Little Ann, Anna Valley, Penton Corner, Charlton, Foxcotte, Penton Grafton, Penton Mewsey, Picket Piece and Finkley Down, also shown is Penton Park.

Andover dates back to Saxon times when it was the location of a royal hunting lodge, belonging to King Edred, it even saw the meeting of a Saxon 'parliament' in 962. It was later significant for wool processing and milling, in recent times RAF Andover has been the towns main employer.

In Andover find several old inns, nearby are remains of Iron Age encampments, also visit Harewood Forest two miles east of the town for some excellent country walks.

Andover can be reached via the A303 from Basingstoke or the A343 from Newbury.

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