Southsea Hampshire Map and Guide

Southsea map, see the Hampshire town of Southsea, right beside the city of Portsmouth.

Interactive Road Map of Southsea Hampshire

Southsea Map Hampshire: Interactive map of Southsea, showing the town's location near to Portsmouth in the south of Portsea Island in Hampshire. This Southsea map zooms and pans, so you can view a Southsea town centre map or find specific roads and areas in the town.

Southsea is a relatively new town, which developed around Southsea Castle in the early nineteenth century. Southsea Castle was one of Henry VIII's Device Forts, build for the defence of England's south coast.

Southsea Accommodation: There is plenty of accommodation available in Southsea and Portsmouth, with a good choice of hotels and self-catering apartments and houses on offer in the area (see below).

Southsea Attractions: Blue Reef Aquarium (formerly Sea Life Centre), Southsea Castle, Royal Marines Museum, Southsea Common.

Southsea Hoverport: Clarence Esplanade, Southsea, PO5 3AD.

Southsea can be reached by road via the M275/A3 (M27), and the A288, it is a driving distance of 85 miles from London.

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