Ascot Map

Interactive Ascot map, showing the Berkshire town.

Detailed Street Map of Ascot Berkshire

Ascot Map: Here is a detailed street map of Ascot a small town situated in the Royal County of Berkshire, England.

Part of the Sunninghill and Ascot parish area, Ascot is well known for its racecourse, home of the famous Royal Ascot meeting held in June every year.

Visit Windsor Great Park for some excellent walks.

Also on this Ascot map are North Ascot, Sunninghill, the Heatherwood Hospital and the main Ascot roads including Windsor Road, King's Ride, High Street, London Road, Brockenhurst Road and Sunninghill Road.

Ascot has railway links with London Waterloo, Reading and Bagshot.

Ascot is located east of Bracknell and can be accessed from the A329 and A332.

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