Bucklebury Map and Guide

Bucklebury map, showing the Berkshire village of Bucklebury, near to Newbury.

Detailed Street Map of Bucklebury Berkshire

Bucklebury Map: Interactive map of Bucklebury, showing the village located close to Thatcham and Newbury, in the Royal County of Berkshire. Use the + button to zoom in and get a detailed street map of Bucklebury, to find your way around the village centre. You can get an interesting view by using the 'Sat' button, which gives a birdseye satellite view of Bucklebury and the neighbouring Berkshire villages.

Also on this Bucklebury map are the villages of Frilsham, Marlston Hermitage, Stanford Dingley, Chapel Row and Upper Bucklebury.

Bucklebury Berkshire: Located approximately five miles north-east of Newbury in Berkshire, the small village and parish of Bucklebury has a population of just over 2,000, and a history going back to Saxon times, when it was a royal manor belonging to Edward the Confessor.

Bucklebury can be accessed from the A4, via Thatcham and Upper Bucklebury (Harts Hill Road and Briff Lane), it is about 18 miles from Reading, 29 miles from Maidenhead and 55 miles driving distance from central London.

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