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Interactive Ashbury map, view the location of the Oxfordshire village of Ashbury.

Detailed Street Map of Ashbury Oxfordshire

Ashbury Map: Here is a google map of Ashbury, displaying the village situated in Oxfordshire, England, United Kingdom, close to its border with Wiltshire.

Use controls to get a detailed street map of Ashbury or pan to view adjacent Oxfordshire areas, zoom in to get an Ashbury village centre map.

Other interactive controls enable you to view a terrain or satellite map of Ashbury.

Among the areas you can also see on this Ashbury map are Kingstone Winslow, Idstone and Wayland's Smithy, by zooming out you can see Bishopstone, Compton Beauchamp, Knighton, Woolstone, Watchfield and Shrivenham.

A pretty little village located in the Vale of the White Horse in Oxfordshire, Ashbury lies to the east of Swindon and the west of Wantage, close to Wayland's Smithy, a well known neolithic burial site. Ashbury was settled way back in Saxon times. The parish church of St Mary dates from the 13th century, rebuilt on the site of an earlier Norman church, Ashbury Manor House dates from the 15th century. Ashbury has a population of just under 500.

Ashbury can be accessed by way of the B4000 or the B4507, it is about 9.5 miles from Swindon, 27 miles from Oxford, and a driving distance of 77 miles from London.

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