Banbury Map

Interactive Banbury map, showing the Oxfordshire town, situated to the north-west of Bicester.

Detailed Street Map of Banbury Oxfordshire & Guide to the Town

Banbury Map: Here is an interactive map of Banbury, a small market town on the River Cherwell, in the county of Oxfordshire in south-eastern England. Use controls o get a detailed street map of Banbury, and a town centre map.

Also on this Banbury map are Hanwell, Little Bourton, Drayton, Overthorpe, Warkworth and Broughton, you can also clearly see the Spiceball Country Park and the River Cherwell, which flows through the town.

Banbury is a market town and parish, lying on the River Cherwell in Oxfordshire, it has a population of around 41,000, and a history going back to Anglo Saxon times, when it derived its name from a Saxon chieftain called "Banna". Located in a mostly rural area, Banbury has become the commercial centre for the surrounding towns and villages.

While in Banbury visit the Banbury Museum, Deddington Castle, Upton House, Farnborough Hall and the Hook Norton Brewery.

Banbury can be accessed from the M40, the A422, the A423, the A361 and the A4260, the driving distance from Banbury to Oxford is 30 miles (48 kilometres), the distance to Birmingham is 52 miles and the distance to London is 80 miles. Banbury can also be reached by railway, it is on the Chiltern Railways system and is connected to London Marylebone, Kidderminster and Birmingham, with the CrossCountry service, you can get to Banbury from Reading and Birmingham.

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