Abingdon Map

Interactive Abingdon map, showing the Oxfordshire market town, located south of the city of Oxford.

Detailed Street Map of Abingdon Oxfordshire & Town Guide

Abingdon Map: Here is a map of Abingdon, a market town and parish, on the River Thames, in the Vale of Wight Horse district of the county of Oxfordshire, in south-eastern England. Use the navigation buttons to get a detailed street map of Abingdon, and a town centre map for your visit to the area.

Also on this Abingdon map are Sunningwell, Gozzards Ford, St Helen Without, Shippon, Radley, Culham and Drayton, you can also see Tilsley Park and the Thames View Industrial Park, also the River Thames on which the town stands.

A market town and parish standing on the River Thames in Oxfordshire, Abingdon has a population of around 36,000, and has a history going back to the Iron Age. Later occupied by the Romans and then the Anglo Saxons, Abingdon Abbey was founded in about the 7th century. Abingdon claims to be the oldest inhabited town in Britain (though many others also stake a claim on this title (prime examples are Thatcham, Colchester, Marazion in Cornwall, and Ipswich).

Abingdon can be accessed from the A34, the A415, and the A4183, the town is located to the south of the city of Oxford. The driving distance from Abingdon to Oxford is about 8.6 miles (14 kilometres), the driving distance to Newbury is 21 miles, the distance to Banbury is 36 miles, and the driving distance from Abingdon to London is 67 miles. The nearest railway station is at Radley.

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