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Coventry map, view the location of the West Midlands city of Coventry and nearby.

Detailed Street Map of Coventry West Midlands

Coventry Map: Interactive, google map of Coventry, displaying the city situated in the West Midlands, England, United Kingdom.

Use controls to display a detailed street map of Coventry, West Midlands & get a Coventry city centre map showing the Coventry and Warwickshire Hospital, Gulson Hospital, the London Road Cemetary, Spencer Park, Park Gardens, Coventry University, the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum, the Coventry Transport Museum and Coventry Railway Station.

Also on this Coventry map are Corley Ash, Goodyers End, Exhall, Barnacle, Shilton, Longford, Ash Green, Holbrooks, Whitmore Park, Radford, Edgwick, Wyken, Potters Green, Ansty, Binley, Whitley, Finham, Earlsdon, and Bishopsgate Green.

The ninth largest city in England, Coventry has a population of just over 300,000, it was established around a Saxon convent during the 7th century AD. Coventry later became a seriously important industrial town, firstly in the cloth and weaving industry (14th to 17th centuries), and later for coal mining and car production.

Suffering devastating damage during the Second World War, the saying "sent to Coventry" was born, referring to the days of silence that followed the bombings, and the speechless nature of its shocked residents. Many fine buildings survived however, including St Mary's Hall (14th century) and the Charterhouse. Only the steeple remained of the St Michael's cathedral, a new cathedral was built beside the ruins, designed by Sir Basil Spence.

Coventry can be accessed by way of the M6, the M69, the A46, the A444, and the A45, it is about 22 miles from Birmingham, and 97 miles from London.

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