Carlisle Map

Carlisle map, showing the location of the Cumbrian city of Carlisle in the north of the county, near to the Scottish border.

Detailed Street Map of Carlisle Cumbria

Carlisle Map: Detailed street map of Carlisle, the county town of Cumbria in north-west England. Located north of the Lake District, Carlisle lies close to England's border with Scotland. Use the + button to zoom in even closer and get a Carlisle city centre map, where you can see Carlisle Castle, Carlisle Cathedral, Carlisle Railway Station, the Guildhall Museum, Abbet Caldew Hospital, and the Cumberland Infirmary.

Also on this Carlisle map are the areas of Etterby, Edentown, Stanwix, Rickerby, Willowholme, and Caldewgate, and the Eden Golf Course.

Carlisle Cumbria: An ancient city in the north of Cumbria, Carlisle has a population of 71,000 and a long history as a border town between England and Scotland. Hotly contested over the years, Carlisle is close to the Roman Hadrian’s Wall, and its castle built by William the Conqueror’s son in 1092, added to its much needed fortifications, as skirmishes between the English and the Scots constantly threatened the security of the town.

Much of the original Norman castle remains today, including the outer walls, the main gate, the keep and the Queen Mary’s Tower. The cathedral also dates from Norman times, and some of the 12th century construction still survives, though it was severely damaged during the English Civil War.

Also worth a visit whilst in Carlisle are the aforementioned Hadrian’s Wall, and Tullie House, a Jacobean town house, which now serves as a museum and art gallery.

Carlisle can be accessed by railway and by road via the M6 (A69), the A6, the A7, the A595, and the A689, it is around 97 miles from Glasgow, 98 miles from Edinburgh, 60 miles from Newcastle, 126 miles from Liverpool, 131 miles from Leeds, and a driving distance of 310 miles from London.

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