Luccombe Map and Guide

Luccombe map, view the Somerset village of Luccombe, situated to the west of Minehead.

Satellite Map of Luccombe Somerset

Luccombe Map: Interactive map of Luccombe, displaying the village situated close to Minehead, and located within the Exmoor National Park, in the county of Somerset, United Kingdom.

Use controls to display a detailed street map of Luccombe or a Luccombe village centre map. Use the "MAP" version to get a clearer road map, for finding your way to Luccombe.

A charming little village laying close to Minehead, but within the Exmoor National Park, on the border between Somerset and Devon, Luccombe is actually a National Trust Village, and is surrounded by picturesque countryside, with wooded valleys, heather moorland, and dramatic coastline.

At nearby Dunkery Beacon (1,750 feet), you can even see the Welsh Coast, across the Bristol Channel. The village has a population of just over 200 and a history going back to the Iron Age, when it was the location of a hillfort.

Luccombe is reached from the A39 between Porlock and Minehead, it is 3 miles from Porlock, 4.5 miles from Minehead, and 77 miles from Bristol.

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