Ely Map

Ely map, showing the Cambridgeshire town of Ely, located to the north-east of the city of Cambridge.

Detailed Street Map of Ely Cambridgeshire

Ely Map: Detailed street map of Ely a cathedral city in the county of Cambridgeshire, England. This interactive Google map, allows users to get an Ely town centre map showing Ely Cathedral, the main tourist attraction of the city, Oliver Cromwell's House, and Ely Railway Station, also other parts of the town.

Ely: Standing on a site that was an island until the Fens were drained during the 17th and 18th centuries, Ely is home to one of England's finest cathedrals, work on which began in 1083, on the site of a minster which dated back as far as 673 AD. The King's School, dating from the time of King Henry VIII stands nearby, as does the Bishop's Palace, from the 15th century.

Ely today has a population of about 15,000 and has been in the county of Cambridgshire since the local government changes in the 1970's, although only the size of a small town, it has been officially a city since a Royal Charter of 1974, it is England's 3rd smallest city.

When in Ely visit Ely Cathedral, Oliver Cromwell's House, Ely Museum, Roswell Pits, Stetham Old Engine and the Prickwillow Drainage Museum.

Ely can be reached from the A10 and the A142, it is 16 miles from Cambridge and 78 miles from central London.

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