Silsden Map and Guide

Interactive Silsden map, view the location of the Yorkshire town of Silsden.

Detailed Street Map of Silsden Yorkshire

Silsden Map: Above you can view a useful, interactive, google map of Silsden, displaying the town situated in West Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom.

Making use of the interactive controls on the upper left of the map you can zoom in to display a detailed street map of Silsden or pan around to view adjacent West Yorkshire areas, by zooming right in you can get a Silsden town centre map.

Other interactive controls enable you to view a terrain or satellite map of Silsden.

Among the areas you can also see on this Silsden map by using zoom out feature are Addingham, Keighley and Skipton.

A parish and town in the county of West Yorkshire, Silsden has a population of about 8,000, and lies close to the River Aire to the north-west of Keighley. The Silsden postcode is BD20 and the phone code is 01535. Silsden hasn't got a train station but can be readily reached by bus from Ilkeley, Keighley and other areas.

As can be seen on this Silsden map, the town can be accessed by way of the A6034.

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