Bovingdon Map and Guide

Bovingdon map, showing the large Hertfordshire village of Bovingdon.

Detailed Street Map of Bovingdon Hertfordshire

Bovingdon Map: Detailed street map of Bovingdon, a large village in the Chiltern Hills, close to Hemel Hempstead in Hertfordshire. Also on this Bovingdon map are Whelpley Hill, Tower Hill and the Little Hay Golf Complex. Zoom in to view the village centre and more detailed street information.

Bovingdon: Situated close to Hertfordshire's border with Buckinghamshire, Bovingdon has a population of just under 9,000 and is well known locally, for its huge Saturday market which takes place on the now disused Bovingdon Airfield, which also houses The Mount Prison, a banger racing circuit and a paintballing centre. First documented as Bovyndon in the year 1200 it mostly grew to its present size during the 20th century.

While in Bovingdon visit Berkhamsted Castle, the Ashridge Monument, and the Chesham Museum.

Bovingdon can be accessed from the B4505 between Chesham and Hemel Hempstead, it is about 4 miles from Hemel Hempstead, 5 miles from Chesham, 14 miles from Watford, and a driving distance of 30 miles from central London.

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