Hampshire Map and Guide

Hampshire map, view the English county of Hampshire in southern England, and see its towns, villages and seaside resorts.

Detailed Road Map of Hampshire England

Hampshire Map: Road map of Hampshire a county in the south of England, United Kingdom. This Hampshire map has navigation buttons which allow you to zoom in to view detailed street maps of Hampshire's towns and villages such as Andover, Southsea, Portsmouth, Basingstoke and Winchester, or pan around to view other Hampshire areas.

A county on England's south coast, Hampshire has an area of 1,400 square miles and a population of around 1.7 million, among its best known towns are Southampton, Portsmouth, Winchester, Andover, and Basingstoke.

Hampshire Towns:

Southsea: A relatively new town, which developed around Southsea Castle in the early nineteenth century, Southsea has a population of 18,500. Southsea is a seaside resort and is also a ferry and hovercraft port. Southsea Map.

Andover: Dating from Saxon times when it was the location of a royal hunting lodge, belonging to King Edred, Andover saw the meeting of a Saxon 'parliament' in 962. It was later significant for wool processing and milling. Andover today has a population of around 52,000, it stands on the River Anton. Andover Map.

Gosport: A large town across the harbour from Portsmouth, Gosport has a long history as a naval town. Gosport Hampshire Map.

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