Oxfordshire Map

Oxfordshire map, showing the county of Oxfordshire in south-east England, and its cities, towns and villages.

Detailed Road Map of Oxfordshire England & County Guide

Oxfordshire Map England: Interactive road map of Oxfordshire, a county in the south-east of England.

Shown on this Oxfordshire map are the city of Oxford, and the main towns of Banbury, Abingdon, Witney, Thame, Bicester, Chipping Norton, Brackley, Didcot and Kidlington. If you prefer you can view this Oxfordshire map in terrain or satellite modes, using the buttons at the top of the map.

A county in the south-east of England, United Kingdom, Oxfordshire has an area of 1,006 square miles (the 22nd largest county by area) and a population of around 640,000, it is split into five districts, Oxford, Cherwell, Vale of Wight Horse, South Oxfordshire and West Oxfordshire. The main towns are Oxford, Abingdon, Banbury, Henley on Thames, Bicester, Witney, Kidlington, Wantage, Chipping Norton, Thame, Didcot, Chinnor and Wallingford, there are also numerous charming little villages.

Oxfordshire History: Pretty much ignored by the Romans during their occupation of Britain, Oxfordshire was created as a county during the 10th century, its name derives from the Anglo-Saxon language and the main town, which was known as Oxenaford, meaning “ford for oxen” subsequently gave the county its name. The University of Oxford was created in the 11th century, and by the Middle Ages the county had became important in the wool trade. The 20th century saw the arrival of the motor car industry in the county and Morris Motors opened its doors for business in the city of Oxford in 1912.

Oxfordshire Largest Towns: The five largest towns in Oxfordshire by population are, Oxford (134,000), Banbury (42,000), Abingdon (31,000), Bicester (29,000) and Witney (22,000).

Oxfordshire Places of Interest: There are a wealth of interesting places to visit in Oxfordshire including Blenheim Palace and gardens (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), Buscot Park (National Trust), Chastleton House (National Trust), Great Coxwell Barn (National Trust), and the Didcot Railway Centre.

Oxfordshire Towns and Villages:

Oxford: The famous university city in the county of Oxfordshire, Oxford was founded in Saxon times and gets its name from the Anglo Saxon for "ford for oxen", the University of Oxford was established in the twelfth century. Oxford Map (weather).

Banbury: A market town and parish to the north of Oxford, Banbury has a population of 41,000 and also traces its history back to the Anglo Saxons, one of their chieftains lending his name to the town. Banbury Map.

Abingdon: Claimed by some to be the oldest constantly inhabited town in England, Abingdon traces its history back some 6,000 years. The town lies on the banks of the River Thames to the south-west of Oxford. Abingdon Map.

Ashbury: A small village to the west of Wantage in Oxfordshire, Ashbury was settled in Saxon times, its Manor House dates from the 15th century.

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