Baldock Map

Interactive Baldock map, view the Hertfordshire town of Baldock, to the north-east of Letchworth Garden City.

Detailed Street Map of Baldock Herts & Guide to the Town

Baldock Map: Here is an interactive Baldock map, showing the small town located close to Letchworth and Hitchin in Hertfordshire, United Kingdom.

Use controls to view a detailed street map of Baldock, and a Baldock town centre map.

A historic market town in the county of Hertfordshire, Baldock was founded by the Knights Templar in the 12th century. Baldock later became a busy coaching stop and had numerous coaching inns which were used as a stopping point between London and the north of England. Baldock today has a population of around 10,000.

While in Baldock visit the Letchworth Museum and Art Gallery, the Ashwell Village Museum, the 17th century almshouses in the main street, also visit the Baldock Festival and the Baldock Charter Fair.

On this Baldock map are Bygrave, Norton and parts of Letchworth, zoom out to see Stotfold, Caldecote, Newnham, Radwell, Bygrave, Wallington, Clothall, Weston, and the rest of Letchworth.

Baldock can be accessed via the A505, the A507 and the A1(M), Baldock is also on the Hitchin to Cambridge railway line, which connects it to London Kings Cross station.

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