Welwyn Garden City Map

Welwyn Garden City map, view the Hertfordshire town of Welwyn Garden City, north of Hatfield.

Detailed Street Map of Welwyn Garden City Hertfordshire

Welwyn Garden City Map Hertfordshire: Interactive map of Welwyn Garden City, showing the location of the garden town located north of Hatfield in Hertfordshire.

Use controls to view a detailed street map of Welwyn Garden City or town centre map of Welwyn Garden City Hertfordshire, showing the Queen Elizabeth II Hospital, Stanborough Park, Welwyn Garden City Railway Station and Welwyn North Railway Station.

The 2nd garden city to be established in England, Welwyn Garden City was developed in the 1920's Sir Ebenezer Howard, it became a "New Town" in 1948. Welwyn Garden City has a population of 43,000 and is a busy commuter town having good road access via the A1(M).

Also on this Welwyn Garden City map are Oaklands, Welwyn, Digwell, Tewin, Panshanger, Hatfield, Stanborough, King's Walden, Cromer Hyde, Lemsford, Burnham Green, Bull's Green, Piper's End, Letty Green, Ayot St Peter and Ayot St Lawrence. You can also see the Welwyn Garden City Golf Club and the Panshanger Golf and Squash Complex.

While in Welwyn Garden City visit Welwyn Roman Baths, Sherrards Park Wood, the Mill Green Museum, Hatfield House, Shaws Corner, the Datchworth Museum and Waterford Heath.

Welwyn Garden City is 3.5 miles from Hatfield and 9.5 miles from Stevenage, it can be accessed by road from the A1(M) or the A414, and can also be accessed by train.


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