Scarborough Map

Scarborough map, showing the Yorkshire seaside town of Scarborough, north of Filey on the edge of the North Yorks Moors.

Detailed Street Map of Scarborough Yorkshire & Town Guide

Scarborough Map Yorkshire: Interactive map of Scarborough, showing the seaside town located north of Filey on the North Sea coast in the county of North Yorkshire.

Use controls to get a detailed street map of Scarborough, and a Scarborough town centre map, showing Scarborough Cricket Ground, the Scarborough General Hospital, the Scarborough Museums Trust, and Scarborough Railway Station.

Also on this Scarborough map are Scalby, Scalby Mills, Newby, Osgodby, and Peasholm Park, you can also see the railway station and the South Cliff Golf Club.

Scarborough: One of the most popular seaside resorts in Yorkshire, Scarborough has a population of around 50,000, and a history going back to Roman times, when it was the site of a signalling station, the foundations of which still exist today.

Its two sandy beaches are overlooked by the charming old town of Scarborough, and are separted by a large headland, which juts out into the sea.

There are still ruins of a 12th century castle in Scarborough, and later Victorian buildings house the Medicinal Baths and the Natural History Museum. Scarborough is also handy for visiting the North Yorkshire Moors.

Scarborough can be accessed by railway or via the A64, the A165, the A170 and the A171, it is about 7.5 miles from Filey, 17 miles from Bridlington, 42 miles from York, 72 miles from Leeds, and a driving distance of 252 miles from London.

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