Boroughbridge Map and Guide

Boroughbridge map, showing the small North Yorkshire town of Boroughbridge.

Detailed Street Map of Boroughbridge Yorkshire

Boroughbridge Map: Detailed street map of Boroughbridge, a small town located beside the River Ure in Yorkshire.

Also on this Boroughbridge map are the village of Langthorpe, the River Ure, and the M1, which runs close to the town. By using the pan button (right arrow), move right to see the neighbouring village of Aldborough, the ancient Roman settlement of Isurium Brigantum.

Most of the main roads and streets of Boroughbridge are shown on the map, but you can zoom in closer and get a more detailed Boroughbridge town centre map if you wish.

Boroughbridge North Yorkshire: Situated in the North Yorkshire district of Harrogate, the small town and parish of Boroughbridge has a population of just over 3,000, and grew as a town around a crossing over the River Ure.

The site of a Bronze Age stone monument called the Devil’s Arrows, Boroughbridge was the location of a battle between Thomas Earl of Lancaster and King Edward II, in 1322.

Boroughbridge became more important after the river crossing was moved there from the neighbouring village of Aldborough, formerly the Roman settlement of Isurium Brigantum, in the late 11th century. The first bridge was made of wood, it was replaced by a much stronger stone bridge during the 16th century.

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Boroughbridge can be accessed from the M1, the A168 and the B6265, it is about half a mile from Aldborough, 13 miles from Ripon, 14 miles from Harrogate, 15 miles from Thirsk, 20 miles from York, and 214 miles driving distance from London.

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