Canterbury Map

Interactive Canterbury map, view the historic Kent city of Canterbury, and nearby.

Detailed Street Map of Canterbury, Kent

Shown above is an extremely useful, interactive Canterbury map, showing the location of the city situated in the county of Kent in south-eastern England, United Kingdom. Using the controls on the top left of the map you can zoom in to view a detailed street map of Canterbury, get a Canterbury city centre map, or move around to view other surrounding areas.

Also featured on this Canterbury map are the nearby towns, villages and areas of Pean Hill, Blean, Broad Oak, Sturry, Chartham, Westbere, Thanington, Rough Common and Bridge, you can also see the Canterbury Golf Club.

A city in Kent, with a population of over 40,000, Canterbury was settled long before the arrival of the Romans in Britain, who re-named Canterbury, Durovernum Cantiacorum and built a large city which survived until 410 AD. The current name derives from the Old English Cantwareburh, which means roughly "Kent people's stronghold". Canterbury today is a popular tourist destination with numerous historic buildings and structures.

For your accommodation in Canterbury, there are a good selection of hotels, and also plenty of self-catering cottages, flats and houses in the area (see below).

Canterbury can be reached via the A2 and A28, it also has rail links with central London.

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